Tyranny of Dragons+ Homebrew

Rockseeker Brothers Travel Log

Gundred Rockseeker’s personal comments following inventory and schedule information:

Next time I’ll hire some guards that are more loyal to the coin rather than their conscious. At least old Sildar respects the coin enough to follow through on a job. Blasted Harper’s and The Order of The Gauntlet had to meddle in my business! Admittedly I hired this band of misfits more out of convenience than for the surprising skills they ended up displaying. Either way the factions and these guards owe me one for changing my plans, perhaps I can leverage this later on, provided they don’t get themselves killed chasing after the lunatics with the dragon. Ontharr Frume has promised me free passage and an escort of 4 Order of the Gauntlet soldiers, for the trouble he caused me, at least my original guards were able to bring my trade goods out of Greenest.


PeteD PeteD

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