Tyranny of Dragons+ Homebrew

Harper's Report

Brother Elranther,

It seems that the Dragon cultists are moving in greater numbers than we anticipated, but as always your insight is as sharp as ever for I have made contact with the agent that you sent with the Baldur’s gate caravan. It seems he and his cohorts are doing well and have positioned themselves well. They saved me from a painful death. I can no longer be of use to tracking these cultists down, they saw me for who I am. I will head to Neverwinter and await further orders, I suggest you reach out to the Tiefling via our connection in Daggerford, they shouldn’t be far from there by the time you get this message.

Urgent information:

The fox’s zeal draws near.
You must hark the warning.
Before the eve of Tymora.
It faces north.
Watch the tower fall.
Hear the angels sings in chorus.
Fail to reach the site.
Focus their ire into weakness.
May great Mystra have mercy.

They know we are here Elranther, this can’t be good.



PeteD PeteD

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